About Acompany

Our history

Acompany was born in 2005 as a traditional advisory company. The opportunities offered by the digital revolution soon changed Acompany into an online advisory company. 

We believe that quality advice, a personal approach and fair fricing can work in the online world.

How do we work

We want to offer a distinct service: the best accounting software, personal advisors for each customer, an easy to navigate webpage, transparent prices with no small print, your own online storage and the best experience for our customers.

We have English speaking specialists in all areas, therefore language will not be a problem when receiving quality advice for those who pay taxes in Spain and don’t speak the language.

We are the first company in Spain to offer all of our contracting services 100% online , with instant paymet: Income Tax Return (Renta)online consultations and all of our tax , financial and legal services.

Together we are writing a full “Wiki” to keep you updated on everything you need to know as a freelancer, entrepreneur or an individual.

We also work with all types of online tools such as Google Drive. We give you advice by videoconference, Zoom, Hangouts or Skype. We manage our payments online with Stripe (one of the best and most secure platforms in the market) and if you have a specific tool you use and love, tell us!

Does your advisory company provide all of this? If not, come to Acompany!

Advisors you can trust

Read real reviews in Google

They’ve become an extension of my company.Javier R. López
Excellent example of a good service.Maria Pau Enrique
Some of my friends also changed to Acompany.David Abad
Very competitive prices, high added value and level of human capital. Josep Bou

Asesoramiento online English speaking advisors

All our services can be provided by English speakers advisors. Let’s talk!

Our team

Always in alphabetic order. We don’t want anybody’s ego to get hurt.

Ainhoa Amorós

Ainhoa Amorós


Tax advisor and accountant expert in freelancers and individuals.


Carlos Nieto


Tax advisor and accountant expert in business.

Gissella Belso

Gissella Belso


Customer service.

Guillem Márquez

Guillem Márquez


CEO & co-founder.


Núria Muñoz


Tax advisor and accountant expert in freelancers and individuals.

Patricia Fernández

Patricia Fernández


CEO and co-founder.

Sandra Gil

Sandra Gil


HR advisor & Payroll.

Do you want to join us?

We’re based in Barcelona and are looking for people who want to work for a 100% online company with a good timetable and great atmosphere.

Send us your CV at empleo@acompany.es