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Included for free in our plan for business and freelancers. An online accounting software that can be integrated into your website and allows bookkeeping your expenses, issuing invoices, drawing analysis, etc.

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Our business accounting app automates processes, simplifies your invoicing and allows you to take control of your economic activity.

Issuing invoices online

Programa de facturación onlineAutomatically issue and send unlimited invoices. Use personalized templates, issue recurrent invoices, predefine products and services.

Bookkeeping expenses

ContableUpload PDFs or pictures of your expense invoices, and register them fast and esily. You can enter them yourself or delegate it to Acompany.

Control and analysis

AmortizacionesUsing your dashboard you will be able to analyze your income and expenses with graphs that will help you make better decisions. Categorize, filter and know your profitability.

Real time data

RápidoUp to date information available at any time. Upload and enter all of your invoices before the 10th of each month and your advisor will check that everything is correct.

All in one place

Contratación onlineAll the information concerning your business will be digitalized, centralized and in order. Also, you will be able to export and import data whenever you want.

Contacts list

Libros contablesCentralize all customer and supplier information: contact details, tax information and invoicing details.

In contact with your advisor

ChatWe’ll be able to check and revise all the data you enter. Swift and direct communication with your personal advisor.

From your mobile or PC

IntrastatAccess at any time, from anywhere and using any device. All your information in one place.

Maximum security

TesoreríaYour information 100% secure. Backups several times a day. Data encrypted and stored with the same level of security used in banks.

Programa de facturación online

Tax advisors for freelancers and Business

Start using the accounting software today! It is included in all our plans for freelancers for 39€ or companies from 150€.
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Why using accounting app?

Lots of small companies and freelancers are still manually issuing their invoices. There’s a high probability of making mistakes (invoice numbers, dates, miscalculation of amounts and so on) when you issue your invoices manually. Also, there’s the problem of filing the invoices or creating a separate document to keep a control of all of them (in many cases this document also needs to be filled manually).

Apart from solving all these issues, an accounting software has lots of advantages:

  • Having all the data up to date instantly on the Internet (Acompany’s accounting software is 100% online).
  • It connects to your bank: it allows you to know which unpaid invoices are due or which day your customers pay.
  • Save time issuing invoices by using templates.
  • It allows you to see in real time your quarterly or yearly invoices, keeping a control of your expenses and income, evolution graphs, etc.
  • If you have Exommerce or TPV virtual you can integrate it into our Online Accounting Software and automatize all processes.
  • Best of all: not a single paper.

Are you issing your invoices by hand? Your time is still money. We encourage you to try our accounting software.