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How it works and how long it takes
  1. Calculate your price and fill in the registration form.
  2. You receive an email with the documentation we need.
  3. Once we have all the documents, your tax advisor will reach you to start working on.
  4. We’ll let you know the result before submit your declaration in Hacienda.
  5. Timing varies depending on the month. We’ll inform you of the estimated time before submit the declaration.
Required documentation

You can consult all the documentation that we may need, but once you hire your Renta we’ll let you know which specific documentation we need in each case. You’ve up to 30 days to send us that documentation or up to 10 days before the deadline.

Who will do my Renta?

We have a team of english speaking tax advisors specialized in income taxes with more than 15 years of experience. Here you can know them 😉

How can we communicate?

Although we are an online tax consultancy, you will always have a personalized service and direct contact with your tax advisor. You can contact your advisor by email or phone, whatever you prefer!

Pricing and payment

Our philosophy is: fair and transparent prices; You pay for what you need. The price varies depending on the difficulty of your Renta. Payment is made in the last step and must be made by debit or credit card.


You have up to 15 days to request the cancellation of the service, as long as you have not sent the documentation or made any inquiry. The refund will be effective on your card in less than 14 days. Check our contracting conditions.

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Contratación onlineCalculate how much it will cost you for us to do your declaration and fill in the registry form.documentation

2. Send the documentation

Google DriveWe summarize the list of documents we need and you send them to us by email or Drive.

3. Doing your Renta

RevisionesA dedicated tax advisor will contact you to analyse your data and status. We make sure the results are the best for you!

4. Submission and follow-up

DocumentosWe submit the Declaration on your behalf to Hacienda and we’ll give you support until you receive the tax return 😉

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Agencia Tributaria The Spanish Renta for rookies

What is Personal Income Tax or IRPF?

Personal Income Tax or IRPF for its Spanish Acronym (Impuesto de Renta de Personas Físicas) is the tax on income, revenue or benefits obtained by taxpayers living in Spain

How is IRPF collected by the Spanish Revenue?

The Spanish Revenue is the Spanish body in charge of managing IRPF. IRPF is collected every month and once a year it’s regularized by means of a Personal Income Tax Declaration. Based on whether you have overpaid or underpaid, your Declaration will conclude if you need to pay or if you will receive money back.

When should I submit the Personal Income Tax Declaration?

Spanish Personal Income Tax Declarations are submitted once a year, between April and June. You can also submit your late Declarations for the last 5 years. However you might have to pay a fine.

Who must submit a Personal Income Tax Declaration?

People living in Spain and who follow a series of requirements must submit a Personal Income Tax Declaration. How and how much you’ve earned last year will decide if you must or must not submit your Personal Income Tax Declaration.

Who is considered to be a tax resident in Spain?

A person living in Spain for over 183 days a year is considered to be a tax resident in Spain. They can also be considered a tax resident when the main volume of taxes or economic activities takes place in Spain.

What is the Personal Income Tax Declaration for Expatriates?

After moving to Spain certain foreigners can declare their Personal Income Tax in Spain as expatriates by submitting Form 150. This tax regime, popularly known as Beckham Law, applies Non-Resident (IRNR)’s tax declaration rates, which tend to be much lower than general IRPF’s rates.

What is Equity Declaration?

Equity tax is applied to people’s equity. Check if you must declare it.

Is it true that Spanish Revenue’s drafts are usually wrong?

That is correct. It’s considered that 70% of Spanish Revenue’s drafts are wrong or incomplete. If you don’t check them, the drafts given by the Spanish Revenue might make you pay more IRPF than necessary. The most common errors are related to personal, working or financial situation changes that have been not included in the drafts and consequently lots of deductions are not applied.

What deductions can I apply?

The Spanish Revenue has several IRPF’s deductions, namely regarding your personally and family situation. You can access Renta Acompany’s guide if you want to have a nose around the main state tax reliefs.

Is my Declaration affected by where I live?

Yes! Each Autonomous Community has its own deductions. Therefore, before submitting the Declaration we will need to check the deductions applied to the community you live in.

For the time being, Acompany doesn’t submit Personal Income Tax Declarations in the Basque Country and Navarra. These communities have their own Revenue Agency.