Fiscal Tax Advisor in Spain & Accounting services

Acompany is an online business consultancy with a monthly quota for all kind of business in Spain. If you are a foreign citizen and you are freelance or have a business in Spain, you are in the right place! We can help you with the difficult process of keep your taxes in order while you take care of what it is important for you, your business. Our tax experts will do all the hard work for you!

Tax and Accounting services for Business

It doesn’t matter how your business is, our monthly quota service can be adapted to all kind of business in Spain. All our plans include online accounting software, accounting services, tax filing and the advice of our tax experts who will be available to answer all your tax related questions.

Freelancers 39€

English speakers tax advisors and accountants specialized in freelancers.

Freelancers 39€

Companies 150€


Our tax advisors will provide you guidance and assistance in all areas of your business.

Business 150€

International Taxation

Whether you are resident, non-resident or you have assets abroad, we advise you of all your tax responsibilities in Spain and help you with all processes and forms.  And remember, the language is not a problem for our English speaker tax advisors!

International double taxation

Doble imposiciónInternational business are often faced with topics about double taxation. Avoid these issues! We evaluate your situation and advise you about it.

European VAT and Intra-community Operations

InstrastatIf you sell or buy with other members of the EU, to benefit from the VAT zero rate applied to these kind of transactions, you need to be registered in the Intra-Community Operators Registry (ROI)

Qualify advisors team

advisorsWe’ve got an English speaking team of experts in all areas: tax, accounting, labour and legal. As a foreign citizen living in Spain, if you have any doubt regarding your business don’t hesitate to contact Acompany to get advice. Yes, we can help you!

Personal Income Tax – Renta

Agencia Tributaria We are experts in all type of personal income tax declarations in Spain, including Renta Declaration, Wealth Tax Declaration, supplementary or late declarations.

Expats – Beckham Law (Form 151)

DevoluciónIf you are relocated in Spain because of work and want to save taxes, maybe you can take advantage of the special tax regime with lower tax rates called Beckham Law.

Non-resident Tax (Form 210)

Doble imposiciónDo you have a property in Spain or get any kind of income in the country, but you are not living here more than 6 months per year? Then you must complete form 210 Non-residents income tax.

Declaration of Assets Abroad (Form 720)

assetsForm 720 must be filled by all spanish residents owning assets abroad over 50,000 euros.

Declaration of Foreign Investments (Form D6)

DevoluciónIf you have to declare operations or deposits in external entities you must submit Form D6. This form is compulsory for all stakeholders whose holdings include foreign investments.

Foreigners’ Identity Number (NIE)

nieWhen you come to Spain you need to get the NIE, a personal, unique and exclusive sequential number, for identification purposes. You will need the NIE for any economic, professional or social interests. If you don’t know how to get your NIE, ask our advisors!

Tax filling in Spain

The spanish tax regulation is constantly changing and these changes affect directly to the companies and freelancers in Spain. It is very important to be updated and to have complete knowledge about the system to avoid committing mistakes that will cause serious economic problems with the administration. Our spanish advisors are fully experienced experts and they will help you with the filling and submission of all type of quarterly or annual tax forms and declarations of the Spanish Tax Agency, it doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, a company or an individual.

Main tax models Freelancers & Companies

Form 036 or 037: Registry modifications
Form 111: Quarterly Freelancer withholdings
Form 115: Income or yields from the leasing or sub-letting of urban buildings
Form 130: Personal Income Tax withholding (IRPF)
Form 180: Annual withholdings summary
Form 190: Personal Income Tax (IRPF) annual summary
Form 303: VAT self-assessment
Form 347: Annual information return on transactions with third parties
Form 349: Recapitulatory return of intra community transactions
Form 390: VAT annual summary tax return
Corporation Tax and Annual Accounts

Main declarations for individuals

Form 030: Personal data modifications
Form 100: Personal Income Tax Declaration (Renta -IRPF)
Form 150: Expat Income Tax Declaration
Form 210: Non-resident Income Tax return
Form 720: Information return on assets and rights held abroad
Form D6: Foreign Investments
Form 714: Wealth Tax return

Starting a business in Spain

If you are a foreign citizen planning to set up a company in Spain, our legal and tax team will guide you to the process and advise you about all the issues you need to know before to start. Don’t panic! We can answer all your questions and we will be to your side ?

Starting a business in Spain

Forma jurídicaWhen you want to start a new business there are plenty of things you have to think about. Probably one of the most important decisions to take is the structure that it will have. Our experts will analyse your situation and will advise you on what it’s better for you and your business.

Tax and Financial Planning

PlanificaciónDetails such as size of the company, purpose of the business, number of shareholders, numbers of workers… Will be related directly on the associated taxes to your company. Acompany’s advisors will plan, optimize and manage your business in order to save you time and money.

Set up a company

Organismos administrativosGet you NIE number, chose the name of the company, open a bank account… It sounds complex if you don’t know the procedures of the country. Our aim is to help you and our team of English speaker lawyers will guide you during all the process.

Accounting Consultancy in Spain

Are you managing your own accounting but you are not sure of doing the things correctly? Do you need more time to take care of your business? We can help you! It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small business. Our accounting advisors are specialized in the spanish Accounting Directives and Regulations. We can help you manage your business and we will advise you on details like how to do your invoices to meet the requirements of the spanish legislation, the percentage of IVA and IRPF you must charge…

Your accountancy up to date

RevisionesWe can do and maintain up to date your accountancy according to the Spanish Commercial Code.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

accounting softwareKeep proper records of your business transactions with our accounting software included for free.

Amortizations and provisions

AmortizacionesWe analyze the amortizations and provisions to have a better knowledge of your business.

Accountancy reports

Análisis de la empresaWe will report you about the economic and financial progress of your business.

Official and accounting records

Libros contablesOur mercantile lawyers will legalize and register on the Spanish Administration all your official and account books.

Annual accounts

Cuentas anualesRegistration of your company’s annual accounts in the spanish Mercantile Registry.

Tax advisors for freelancers and business

Our monthly quote includes all the accounting and tax services you will need to run your own business in Spain, and a english speaking tax advisor who will get the best advice!

Freelancers 39€ Business 150€