Check whether you must submit your Personal Income Tax Declaration, the spanish Declaración de la Renta this year. There are several factors to take into account.

1. Income from work

These are the limits of your income from work in order for you to avoid having to submit the Declaration:

  • Income from 1 taxpayer: 22,000€
  • Income from 2 taxpayers, if one of them does not exceed 1,500€ yearly: 22,000€
  • 2 or more taxpayers, and the second or the rest of the taxpayers exceed 1,500€: 14,000€
  • Income from compensatory pensions: 14,000€

2. Benefits

If you do not have income from work, but you have income coming from passive benefits (special benefits scheme) or social benefits (unemployment, retirement, widowhood, disability, etc.) the limit to not having to submit a declaration is: 22,000 € independently of the number of taxpayers.

If in addition to the benefits, you also have income from work, these benefits will be accounted for as a second taxpayer.

If you receive compensatory benefits the limit is 14,000€.

3. Other income

You don’t need to submit the Personal Income Tax Declaration if your income was lower than:

1,000€ for the whole year, adding all the following concepts:

  • Income from owning a house different from your 1st home.
  • Income from renting real estate (flats, premises, parking slots, storage units, etc.)

1,000€ for the whole year, adding all the following concepts:

  • Income from economic activities (self-employed).
  • Equity income (tax free).

1,600€ adding the all following concepts:

  • Income coming from capital gains.
  • Taxable equity gains.

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