In order to manage the 2021 Personal Tax Return completion and submission to the Spanish Agencia Tributaria before June 30th 2022, we would need you to provide us with the following documents relating to your situation during the tax year.

Personal Data

  • DNI and/or information of all members of the Family Unit and their personal circumstances (age, level of disability, etc.)
  • Tax data or the Reference number from Box 505 of the 2020 Tax Return. This information is not necessary if you did your Tax Return with us last year or if you never have done Renta before.

Personal situation

  • Life, pension and sickness insurance certificates and any surrender value they have produced. Either the insurance companies or the financial entities need to provide them.
  • Disability certificate as well as, where applicable, authentication for the necessity to adapt the residence for invalid use and to be able to certify adequately these circumstances by Seguridad Social and/or the Department of Bienestar Social y Familia.
  • Changes of circumstances during the previous tax year: Divorce or separation, alimony paid, change in civil status for widowhood, birth and/or adoption of children, cohabitation with ascendants and/or descendants.
  • Nursery receipts or certificate issued by the nursery for children under 3 years of age.

Salaries and Allowances

  • Certificate of tax withholdings. Documents supplied by the companies where you have worked during the last tax year: Gross salary, including financial remuneration, in cash, in allowances etc., Social Security and Tax contributions.
  • Certificate of Allowances and Deductions. The Social Security agency will provide you with this information if you are in receipt of a retirement pension, unemployment or accident benefit.

Business owners and freelancers

  • Tax Registers: Tax and/or accounting information for individual business owners or freelancers who carry out economic activities (according to the various tax regimes). Set of books, financial records of income and expenditure.
  • Letters of payment by instalments. For business owners and freelancers (Models 130, 131 and VAT returns and annual summary).

Bank Accounts

  • Bank Account Certificates: Information from the bank including the bank account balances as of 31st December, average balance for the last quarter, interest and withholdings.
  • Property Account. Certificate of payments made in the property account provided by the bank where it is held.


  • Documents relating to the purchase and/or construction of the main residence: deeds, notary expenses, registration, building and real estate payments, payment of Deposit Agreements.
  • IBI receipts from real estate.
  • Rents. Receipts of payments as well as invoices for any necessary expenses and correlated with the income, invoices for improvements and investments undertaken.
  • Mortgage certificates. Repayment table supplied by the financial entity including interest, capital and commissions.
  • Receipts for rental of the main residence in order to determine any possible tax deduction, at both the state and the autonomous region level.

Charitable donations

  • Certificates and receipts of the amounts given and the beneficiaries.


  • Deeds of onerous or gratuitous property transfers.
  • Information on the transfer of cryptocurrencies, participation and/or shareholdings in companies: acquisition or subscription charges, transfer amount and the dates of the acquisition and transfer.


  • Pension plan tax information. Information regarding the contributions made by the participant and/or the pension company.
  • Certificate of listed shares, investment funds, and other financial assets: The managing body (Entidad Gestora) has to provide these documents, which must include: average market price for the final quarter and the liquidation value as at 31st December (investment fund and other financial assets). Dividends, interest and withholdings. Expenses and commissions. Purchase and sales operations.
  • Amounts invested in the acquisition of shareholdings or company shares because of agreements for the setting up of companies or increase of capital in companies as long as they comply with certain requirements (deduction of 20% of the amounts invested with a maximum deduction of 4,000 Euros). Article 20 of the Law 26/2009, Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Amounts invested in the purchase of shares because of agreements for the increase of subscribed capital via the segment of companies in expansion of the MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil). The maximum deductible amount is 10,000 Euros. Article 21, law 26/2009 Generalitat de Catalunya.

Declaration of Assets The obligation to present all assets extends to the last tax year.

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