When setting up a company in Spain, there are several steps you must follow to begin this process.

Shareholders of a Spanish Company

We must know who the shareholders are of your company, whether it’s a single individual, multiple shareholders, or multiple companies.

To establish a company in Spain you need a shareholder or administrator who resides in Spain, or an employee with broad powers.

Once it is established who the shareholders are, you must apply and obtain the Spanish Tax Registration Number (NIE) for members without Spanish nationality.

NIE: identification number for foreigners in Spain

Apply and obtain the Spanish Tax Registration Number (NIE) in order to establish your company in Spain. Delivery time: 3 weeks.

With Acompany you’ve the option of obtaining the NIE without having to travel to Spain. Our lawyers will manage the delegation of mercantile powers through the registry and will manage on your behalf the processing to obtain the NIE in Spain.

Articles of Associations

In order to prepare the Articles of Associations of the new company, we will need you to provide us with the following information:

  • Name of the company: five options in order of preference
  • Objective of the company: we need to know the objective of the company so we can visualize what activity that will develop the company.
  • Share capital: the minimum capital required by Spanish Law in order to incorporate a company is 3,000 Euros. Above this base amount, the share capital could be the amount that you want.
  • Address: the address of the company in Spain.
  • Management body: the composition of the management body, whether it’s a Sole Director or Joint Directors.
  • Remuneration: the status of the management body could be remunerated or unremunerated.

Bank account

However, a Bank Certificate is then needed, so your company will open a bank account and transfer the money needed.

Registration and signature

Once we have all of the information required, we could prepare the signature of the Incorporation Public Deed in the Notary. Delivery time: 3 weeks.

A representative is required to establish the company in Spain. f you cannot make it to Barcelona, we will conduct the procedure for you.

Legal advice for set up a companies in Spain

We offer the service of set up a company in Spain and we give legal advice for foreigners for the creation of new companies in Spain.

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